japanese tea

It is nearly twenty years since I began to learn Janpanese tea.
The time to make a tea for guests in a small room separated by tatami, surrounded by seasonal teaware, flowers and scenery.
A hospitality that seems simple but full of heart to details.

Prepare for fire before guests come.
Open a hole in tatami and put charcoal.
By the time beginning to make a tea, the sound of the kettle will be heard as Shun Shun.

wear a kimono

Sometimes to the bride's mother,
Sometimes to a three-year-old little princess.
To wear a kimono.
It is a Japanese traditional costume, but it does not match a modern life a bit.
However, it is curious that when you wear a kimono you look pleased to straighten your back (straighten your spirit).
That is why, as possible, so that you do not get tired,
And so that you will more like to wear a kimono.