When you can learn to do "UNSHIN" and be able to do "WASAI," you will be surprised how effective to sew and cut cloth without wasting all of it.
A world where everything is decided tightly.
My desire to get out of that world began to sprout before I knew it.
More freely, give more shape to what springs up from myself, and give shape to my emotion that comes overflowing like a fountain, and I came to think that I'd like to sew by myself what I usually wear, using materials to be satisfied.
This led to the birth of the "inacappe series."

shape to what are in my mind

When I make while touching fabrics,
And when I start after drawing a sketch,
Anyway I'm enjoying fully.
Of course, using skills from "WASAI."


Solve the kimono belt and fabric,
and remake it for easy-to-use in your life.